About Us


Sarimakmur aims to become a longterm strategic partner of the coffee industry supplying Indonesian arabica and robusta with a strong emphasize on sustainability


A growing world population and growing wealth in (specialy) non western countries will lead to a continued growth in demand for commodities. Sarimakmur thrives to help satisfying the growing demand by helping managing the supply chain to the industry.

Sustainable coffee arabica

  • Rainforest alliance certification
  • Utz certified coffee
  • Organic coffee which certified by control union body for our EU/NOP/JAS organic certification
  • Farmers cooperatives which we work with fair trade certified coffee
  • Café practices certified for supplying coffee to starbucks

Social Responsibility

  • No children working on the farms or forced labor
  • Farmers have access to housing, portable water and sanitary facilities
  • Access to medical care
  • Access to education for farmers children
  • Access to workers safety and training in the coffee farms

Environmental Leadership – Coffee Growing

  • Maintain coffee shade canopy
  • Maintain soil productivity
  • Protect wildlife
  • Conservation areas
  • Ecological pest and disease control
  • Farm management and monitoring
  • Reduce waste water impact on their farms
  • Minimizing water consumption on their farms

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