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Choosing Fame Over Family to be the Highest Paid Celebrity Dancer Ever

Kate Gosselin is getting trim and primped for her appearance on the wildly popular Dancing with the Stars. The mom of eight is having to train eight hours a day, get her hair done and travel from Pennsylvania to LA and back. Sounds like the Jon Kate Plus 8 mom has a schedule that resembles many working moms nationwide. Kate just happens to be in a fame driven profession she is determined to stay!

The blab loids are reporting the Gosselin twins, Cara and Madelyn (9), are furious and lashing out. Apparently, they are begging their mom to quit the show. The sextuplet 5 year olds have yet to be quoted. Kate is maintaining she will not quit the show and in fact will give her all to the show in an effort to financially support her family.

And boy does she mean it! Kate must be one of the savviest negotiators to hit the B side of Hollywood. Or at least her agent is! Kate caught wind that Pamela Anderson was getting paid $50,000 an episode (so per week) and $350,000 bonus if she wins. Whoa celebs get paid and receive millions of hits of free publicity??? Sweet deal. Not sweet enough for Kate though.

According to friend in the blab loids, Kate insisted on more money. And she got it. Kate is being paid $75,000 an episode (so per week) and a $450,000 bonus if she wins. This makes Kate the highest paid celebrity dancer EVER! No wonder she is dancing her butt off, trying on new blonde locks and hiring nannies! She has some serious cha ching motivation.

When it comes to Kate the question always surfaces about her responsibility to her family. Seems like she is taking that into consideration. Jon Gosselin sure isn bringing home the bacon.

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